Replacing Gaps

Methods to close gaps and replace missing teeth by a Burton and Ashby dentist


A bridge is a way of replacing a missing tooth with ‘fixed teeth’ that are not removed from the mouth. There various types of design the most commonly used are fixed bridges and adhesive bridges (also known as Maryland bridges).

Fixed bridgework involves placing crowns on the teeth either side of a space, and then joining the crowns together with a solid crown in the space. The bridge is cemented in place with dental cement.

Adhesive bridgework involves placing 'wings' of support around adjacent teeth, and attaching a solid crown in the space. There is no drilling involved with this procedure, as this procedure aims to conserve remaining teeth.

Both types of bridge should last about 10 years and costs are usually about half of implant dental care.


Dental implants are often the best solution for replacing missing teeth. They provide a strong foundation that allows people to chew comfortably, and smile and talk confidently.

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A denture is a removable (take in and out so is not fixed) lower cost alternative to implant and bridgework. A denture or 'plate' can have a base made of plastic or metal to which teeth are attached.

The design and style can vary enormously and can be tailor made to your individual needs, which can be discussed with our experienced Burton dentist.

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