Preventative Dentistry

Burton & Ashby Dental Hygienist - preventing gum disease and tooth decay

Our philosophy is that we can assist you to maintain your teeth for life. By following a preventative approach to your dental care you can reduce the need for extensive treatment.

The practice has team approach involving your dentist, hygienist and yourself to tackle the two main causes tooth loss which are tooth decay and gum disease. This will minimise the number of fillings and extractions required.

We start with the basics such as being shown how to brush your teeth correctly. This will not only involve brushing your teeth correctly but also your gums and tongue to keep them as healthy as possible. Various aids such as floss and tooth picks and mouthwashes can be discussed where appropriate as well as diet advice on how to reduce the intake of damaging sugars.

Our hygienists Helen Ward and Vicki Gopsill are also trained to carry out fissure sealants and small preventive fillings which preserve tooth tissue by using the latest adhesive materials.

We have a trained Oral Health Educator, Mrs Jo Lowe, who is available to offer advice and runs regular sessions to teach children good diet habits and toothbrushing skills.

There is also a personalised Preventative Care Plan allowing you to budget for your regular hygiene and dental exam visits with extensive discounts available.

Once the foundations of your mouth are healthy there is a vast range of cosmetic treatments available at practice that your dentist or member of staff can discuss with you.

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