Anxious or nervous about the dentist?

Anxious or nervous about the dentist? Our Burton dental practice can help

Many of our patients tell us that they have had bad experiences with dentists.

We have great success in helping patients overcome fears associated with dentists.

We will listen to your concerns so please discuss any anxieties.

If you feel uncomfortable during treatment then we will show you how to signal to stop, so you will always be in control and treatment will be carried out at your pace.

Injections can be made more bearable by uses of a surface anaesthetic gel.

We know it can be hard to pluck up courage to come to the dentist (especially if you have not been for a while).

When you come to our practice you will always get a sympathetic and friendly welcome.

Sedation service for nervous patients

Does the thought of treatment put you off going to the dentist? Then sedation treatment may be the answer. Dr George Savva offers intra-venous sedation for routine dental care for nervous or phobic patients. Please contact us for more information.

Nervous Dental Patient's Testimonials

Dan’s story. My case of dental phobia – and of needles in particular – had grown gradually more extreme, and was having a negative effect on both my physical and mental wellbeing. Having not visited a dentist regularly for over a decade, minor issues with my teeth were allowed to escalate until the pain became excruciating and I was forced to go to an emergency dentist. In the end I was reduced to patching up my own broken and decaying teeth with temporary filling material from the pharmacists, leaving me unable to eat anything other than the softest of foods. From a mental health perspective my phobia was also having an effect. The condition of my teeth, and the knowledge that I would eventually have no option but to see a dentist was constantly on my mind. I would be forever checking my teeth in the mirror, and poking about at them both at work and at home. I developed a stammer, which would surface when talking about dentists, as well as a nervous tremor.

It was clear something had to give, and I began to ask around, both through friends and on the internet, to find a dentist who might be able to help me as by this stage I considered myself a hopeless case. One name kept coming up – Dr Yogi Savania………….......

I was always worried that any dentist I chose would fail to understand why I was so scared, or would make me feel silly for having left it so long. However, Yogi was so reassuring it made me wish I had taken this step years earlier…………………. He not only explained, he listened. He told me how at any point I felt I needed him to pause the treatment I could signal and he would stop. He would periodically stop to make sure I was okay, and to advise me how to relax and even how to breath normally to help achieve this……………………

The next big step came after two or three visits – a local anaesthetic for a crown preparation. My dental phobia had been improving with every visit as I built an implicit trust in Yogi and his team, but my fear of needles remained. I have had painful experiences of this in the past and was literally rigid with fear as Yogi went about his business. The next thing I knew Yogi was saying “we’ll just wait for that anaesthetic to take effect”. I didn’t fully comprehend those words at first. Hang on, has he already stuck the needle in? I hadn’t felt it. I took quite some convincing he had done so, but for the rest of that session, with the scary part over, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep! That convinced me beyond all doubt that I was being treated by a dentist at the very top of his profession. I left that day with a huge sense of achievement, and thinking to myself how great the feeling was of casually visiting a dentist for treatment - just like a regular guy!

Thanks once again. Dan

Please accept my very sincere thanks in respect of the recent treatment received. Having not visited a dentist for over 25 years through fear and literally embarrassment I can not say how pleased I am to have visited Alexandra Dental Care. Both your self and all members of your team have been fantastic and very caring, and it didn’t hurt a bit!!

Thanks once again. P

I hadn’t been to a dentist for about 30 years due to a few bad experiences, my teeth were in an appalling state and I had constant tooth ache. However about three years ago my wife saw an advert in the local paper for an open day at Alexandra Dental Care and she persuaded me to go along. I met Mr Yogi Savania who assured me I would suffer no pain in any of the treatment. I had about twelve appointments to treat my teeth and suffered no pain what so ever. I now have a set of good healthy teeth and attend for regular six monthly checks.

Mr B

When I was a child of 10/11 years of age I had a bad experience at the dentist which led to me having a dental and needle phobia. This phobia has stayed with me into adult life.

I was considering having some cosmetic dental treatment done which I discussed with George. I don’t think I would have been able to have seen the treatment through if George hadn’t told me he could now offer sedation to his patients. George put me at ease and I thought to myself ‘I can do this’.

George went through the whole procedure with me from start to finish, this I really found useful, being told at every stage what was going to happen. George reassured me and I trusted him implicitly.  Not only did George put my mind at rest but the whole team at Alexandra Dental Care. The nurses in the surgery I felt I trusted as much as George and any questions I had before or after the treatment I knew I could pick up the phone and speak with anyone of the staff.

The whole team were very professional.

Knowing that George had put plenty of time aside for the treatment put me at ease I felt very comfortable, I never at any point felt rushed.

Once sedated I cannot remember a thing regarding the treatment but I do recall regaining consciousness. Once I was home I went straight to bed.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone and I am really pleased with my new smile.

I am dropping a note to say thanks for all the work you have done for me, I am aware that I am not the easiest of patients. Your patience and explanations whilst work is underway was very much appreciated. The bridge work is really outstanding, here’s hoping I need nothing more than routine checks for some time.

Mr D R

I became a patient of Alexandra Dental Care three years ago on the recommendation of my wife and daughter. After an initial examination, Mr Savania (Yogi) explained what was required to restore good dental health. A range of treatment was prescribed, and this was carried out over a number of months to suit my working arrangements.

Initially nervous, I had not received any dental treatment for some time. Yogi made me feel at ease at every subsequent visit and eventually any anxiety diminished.

Eventually I lost all my anxiety and when Yogi suggested more complex treatment I had absolute confidence in him that the results would be very good. The treatment was never hurried, and at all stages the process was carefully explained.

My treatment has always been and continues to be the highest standards. My oral health is vastly improved, and this has resulted in a feeling of well-being and social confidence. I am very pleased that I joined the practice when I did.

Mr P K

I am writing to say what a difference I found between your practice and the practice that I had previously been attending. Having been so terrified of dentists since a child I had not had anything done to my teeth for about 40 years.

After plucking up the courage to see the previous dentist at my old practice, they were so lacking in understanding that my fear increased and I vowed I would wait till my teeth all dropped our before I saw a dentist again.

My trip to your practice changed al that. Whilst I wouldn’t say the fear has gone completely, you and the staff have been an absolute godsend in helping me cope with it. I finally feel able to attend regular checks after 40 years of pure panic at the thought. Many, many thanks.

Ms G

I came in this morning to have a tooth extracted and was extremely anxious due to several bad experiences in the past with dentists and due to the fact that this was only my second visit with you. I was all the more anxious about this particular treatment as the treatment concerned the same tooth that I had previously had root canal treatment on. I just wanted to write to you to say thank you so much for the caring, gentle and patient approach that both you and your nurse adopted through my treatment. It really made an enormous difference and I am sure that such an approach over the long term will ensure that I become less anxious as time goes on as I get to know you and to trust you.

There were certain things I particularly appreciated, such as the fact that you explained each step so that I knew what was coming and you also told me how long each step would take. As a nervous patient, treatment is far more bearable if you know exactly what is going on and how long each step is going to take. You also listened to me and paused treatment when I raised my hand to ask you.

This is the first time ever that I have been allowed to control the pace of my treatment, and I can’t tell you what a difference it made. I was also unaware that I was holding my breath until you told me not to, and this was one of several helpful tips you gave me. I am aware that my treatment may well have taken longer than you had perhaps allotted for, as you may have had to go more slowly than you would have done with another patient having the same treatment. If this is the case, I apologise for this, but do appreciate that you did not rush.

With many thanks T P

I had been experiencing problems due to a gag reflex which had been getting worse as I got older. The point had come where my mouth would not tolerate any dental tools and this made inspections difficult and treatment for me impossible. It was suggested that sedation was a possible solution for me. After phoning several dentists I rang Alexandra Dental Care and found that it was a treatment they offered.

George did the necessary inspection and discussed my treatment plan.

Unfortunately I needed 5 extractions. George explained the whole procedure and aftercare of sedation in detail and I decided to give it a go.

A responsible person had to be at the surgery whilst you were under sedation and my wife and I arrived for my appointment. They took time to make sure I was comfortable in the chair, not easy as I am rather tall, and ensured that I understood what was going to happen.

A nurse spoke to me whilst George found a vein in my right arm to administer the sedation and before I knew it we were ready to go.
George asked again if I was comfortable and that's about it until I came back about 2 hours later. I can remember odd moments during the procedure but no pain or discomfort at any time. After sitting in the chair for some time George asked me to stand and escorted me back to the waiting room. My wife told me that the nurses had come to her several times and told her that things were going well and even made her a cup of tea. George reminded us both of the aftercare plan and escorted us to our car. On arriving at home I slept for several hours and the anaesthetic had worn off in my mouth when I woke up. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain considering what had been done. The day after I felt a little lethargic but began to eat soft foods. The follow up appointment a few days later revealed that all was as it should be.

For me it was the best outcome I could have wished for thanks to George and the nurses at Alexandra Dental Care.

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