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2020 May 20
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Since the lockdown began in March all dental practices were told by Public Health England and the Chief Dental Officer to cease face to face routine dental care as part of the national effort to stay at home and save lives. Their guidelines stated that we were to offer Advice , Analgesics and Antibiotics.

As yet we are still awaiting further guidelines and advice on re-opening.

We have endeavoured to maintain contact with our patients by ensuring team members are available on the phone to discuss your concerns.  A dentist has been available to provide this service every day with our team members. We have also introduced remote video consultation facilities.

So if you do have any dental concerns please do contact the practice and we will try our best to help. Patients in extreme pain are being triaged and referred to Urgent Dental Centres.

We apologise for the numerous appointments and treatments that have had to be postponed during this crisis.

New safety measures in place

Alexandra Dental Care has always worked to the highest standards of cleanliness and routine cleaning as part of our Cross Infection Control Policy. These will increase and all employees will receive updated training on these Cross Infection Protocols

We will introduce the following measures to help keep our staff and patients safe:

  • Perspex screens on reception and floor markings will be introduced in specific areas
  • We will provide additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of medical grade standard such as face masks, visors, gowns and gloves
  • Your temperature may be checked on entering the building and you will be asked about your Covid-19 status. Hand gel stations will be available for you to use on entering, around the practice, and on leaving the building
  • All team members will be asked to confirm they are fit and able to work, and we will use contactless thermometers with temperatures taken on arrival at work
  • We will also introduce social distancing measures for all our team and for our dental deliveries and dental providers

Limited Treatments and Hours

When we re-open it is likely there will be restrictions on certain treatments and appointment times may be increased, as advised by Public Health England and the Chief Dental Officer.

We anticipate that we will offer extended opening hours to accommodate all patients that have had their treatments and routine dental care delayed.

We will inform you of our opening hours as the re-opening program evolves.

Serving the community

We have tried to provide the best service we can under very difficult circumstances and thank you for your patience

Here at Alexandra Dental Care we are immensely proud, alongside colleagues from Melbourne Dental Practice and The Delph Dental Practice to have been selected to help the NHS provide Face to Face emergency dental care for the region as part of the Urgent Dental Centre arrangements. To see how colleagues have pulled together from different practices to look after patients at this time of need has been a truly inspiring and humbling experience.

A very big thank you

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Virtual Dental Consultations

2020 May 15
by admin

You may not be able to visit us at the moment, but we can still help you with your teeth!

Things have started to slowly move, with the first tentative steps towards easing lockdown already being taken. Dental practices may not be in the first batch of easing and may well not be in the next either, but we hope to be able to provide Alexandra Dental Care patients some news on when we can open again in the not too far off future.

In the meantime, we are still here to help our Burton, Swadlincote and Ashby patients. In addition to offering advice when urgent dental care is required, we are now offering ‘virtual consultations’. These are additional to our one to one video ‘chats’ and are aimed at helping patients who are not entirely happy with their teeth and are interested to see what can be done to improve them.

In normal circumstances, the first step would be to visit us and have a discussion with one of our team who would then be able to explain the treatments available to help you with a particular problem. As this is not possible at the moment, there is now a quick and easy way to take the first steps towards having a nicer set of teeth.

Online consultations

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Oral Health Recovery Following Illness

2020 April 28
by admin

Whether Coronavirus, flu or any other virus, your oral health can suffer

Naturally at the moment, a great deal of focus is on the Covid-19 virus. Hopefully the pandemic is now coming under control with the focus now leading towards keeping the numbers of illnesses and deaths as low as possible until a vaccine and/or treatment is found. This is obviously a very dangerous virus but is not the only one of course. Flu can also be very dangerous and kills thousands of people each year and, although less dangerous, even a bad common cold can make us feel under the weather for a period of time.

Hopefully, our Burton and Ashby patients have managed to avoid Coronavirus, but for those that have had it and recovered, or for those generally recovering from any illness, Alexandra Dental Care offers some advice about getting your oral health back on track in the weeks that follow.

Can a virus affect your teeth?

Directly, a virus should have little or no effect on your teeth at all. But the problems stemming from having a virus for a week or two is that your teeth will almost certainly suffer from neglect to some degree. When we have a virus, our bodies go to work to try to eliminate it. We will tend to sleep more and many of us will also feel very tired and lethargic much of the time. With this lethargy often goes poor oral health care and a less than healthy diet.

When we feel like this, we might be tempted to skip cleaning our teeth or perhaps just swill mouthwash to freshen our mouth. In addition to this, we may well eat more foods that are high in sugar which, as we know, is very bad for our teeth. Over a period of time, our teeth and gums are likely to suffer, so once we have recovered, we need to work on restoring our teeth to good health again.

Getting back on track

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Extended Time Off School Could See Children’s Teeth At Risk

2020 April 16
by admin

Principal Dentist, Dr Yogi Savania, offers parents advice on keeping young mouths healthy

It is likely today that we will find out that the current ‘lockdown’ situation is to continue for a few more weeks yet. This will probably not come as a great surprise, and whilst there is still a possibility of a return to school at a later time, it does seem that children may not be returning to school now until after the summer holidays.

A combination of boredom and easier access to sweets and other sugary foods in the home means that children are at an increased risk of problems such as tooth decay during this time. Given that dental practices are currently closed for all but urgent emergency advice and may be for some time, until we are advised otherwise, it makes sense to do all that you can to help your child maintain good oral health through this challenging period.

Below, we offer some tips which we hope will enable children to keep their teeth and gums healthy until things return to something more like normal.

Don’t (over) indulge sugar cravings

It is rare to find a child, and especially a young one, who doesn’t like sweets, or perhaps we should say ‘love’ them. If they had their way, children would probably live on little but sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks. Obviously, as parents, we make sure that this doesn’t happen but few of us are capable of convincing children that sweets are bad for them.

Especially at the moment when they are not otherwise occupied by school work, there is a good chance that they will be feeling bored and restless and will probably feel like eating more sweets and chocolate than normal. It is tough for almost everybody at the moment and there is nothing wrong with letting them have a few sweets to make them feel a little better about the current situation, but allowing them free rein is not a good idea.

At Alexandra Dental Care, we still see a lot of younger patients from Swadlincote, Ashby and Burton who have tooth decay which has largely been caused by over consumption of sweets or other ‘sugary’ products. By all means allow some as treats, but do try to keep these to a minimum. Keeping children occupied will help to distract from this craving and you may wish to hide the sweet ‘stash’ away from young hand’s reach.

Make sure they brush their teeth

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Your Oral Health Care During Lockdown

2020 April 2
by admin

Advice from Alexandra Dental Care on looking after your teeth during the Covid-19 restrictions.

The inability to go out and mix with others is hard for most of us, and some of us are probably struggling with a number of aspects of our enforced isolation. As the advice goes though, this is so important and we strongly encourage patients to adhere to the government guidelines for the sake of us all.

Unfortunately, the lock down means that our dental practice is closed until April 14th. This may even be extended further depending on the advice/instructions that we are given. Although, in the greater scheme of things, dental care may not seem too important to some people, tooth decay and/or gum disease are just going to make things feel worse than they are now. In today’s blog, we offer advice to our Ashby and Burton patients about how they can help their teeth and gums stay healthy until things start to return to something like normal.

Keep to your cleaning routine

One of the most important things that you can do is to keep your regular daily teeth cleaning regime, or better still, take some time to improve it. Make sure that you brush your teeth well both morning and last thing at night, and use floss as well. If you have young children, their usual routine may well have vanished and, as parents or carers, you may need to be more proactive about making sure that they clean their teeth well.

Avoid too many comfort foods

We are all entitled to use whatever methods are appropriate to make this time as acceptable as possible. You don’t need to use the time to learn five languages or develop a six pack, although if this works for you, then that is great too. Most of us will find things to do that we are interested in but are also likely to have periods where we feel bored and frustrated at a lack of normality in our lives. These are the times when we may well reach out for ‘comfort’ foods that make us feel better about ourselves.  Unfortunately, these are very likely to be high in tooth damaging sugars.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t have the occassional treat, but we do advise that you try to eat sugary foods as little as possible for the sake of your teeth. As it is no longer possible or advisable to just ‘pop to the shop’ if we want a chocolate bar, we can make sure to buy only a limited amount of sweets when we do our weekly shopping. Instead of sweets, perhaps look for more tooth friendly foods to get you through those more difficult times.

What if you get the virus?

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Dental Implant Open Week – Starts March 23rd! Save 10% On Treatment

2020 March 6
by admin

If you are considering your options for replacing missing teeth, this is one offer you really shouldn’t miss

For three days during the week commencing 23rd March, we are offering open days for our patients so that they can discover the wonder of dental implants. We do expect this to be a popular offer so please don’t delay and book your spot as soon as you can.

At Alexandra Dental Care, we believe that dental implants offer the best method of tooth replacement for our Burton, Swadlincote and Ashby patients who are missing teeth, and we hope that this open week affords you the opportunity to find out more about them from our experienced implant team.

What are we offering?

We are offering a free consultation with Dr George Savva where patients can discuss implants with the dentist and ask any questions that they have about them. These consultations usually cost £130 so this is an excellent opportunity to receive the correct information from a qualified dentist without paying a penny.

For those who decide to go ahead to have dental implants placed and have attended these open days, there is an additional bonus. For these people, we are also offering 10% off your dental implant treatment as well.  As dental implants can require a substantial investment, this represents a significant saving and one not to be missed.

Who can benefit from dental implants?

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Getting The Maximum Benefit From Your Toothbrush

2020 February 24
by admin

Basic but essential – taking care of your toothbrush and using it correctly

Hopefully, all of us will possess a toothbrush. It is the most basic form of teeth cleaning product that exists and has been used in one form or another for centuries. Even primitive societies have been found to use twigs from certain trees to clean their teeth, and their diets would be nowhere near ours in terms of the amount of sugar consumed.

Most recently, electric toothbrushes have proven to be a great success and the first significant change in toothbrush design for many years. Whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush though, our Alexandra Dental Care team offer some advice below that we hope will be of benefit for our Ashby, Swadlincote and Burton patients.

Don’t use a worn toothbrush

We have mentioned this before but it is always worth repeating. A toothbrush that has worn out bristles will not be effective at removing food debris and bacteria from the teeth, and especially from the more difficult to reach areas. If your brush or electric toothbrush head is more than three months old, it is time to replace it. Even if it is less than this, if the bristles look worn then please change them.

We suggest that you also replace these if you have had a viral infection such as the flu as the virus may remain on the toothbrush.

Brush your teeth correctly

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Coming Very Soon – Our Invisalign Special Offer!

2020 February 13
by admin

From 20th to 25th February you can make significant savings on this popular orthodontic treatment.

Unlike some aesthetic dental issues which can be resolved in a short period of time using a suitable procedure, correcting crooked and uneven teeth can take quite a while longer. This poses a potential dilemma for some patients as traditional orthodontics (dental braces) tend to be very visible and some also find them to be a little uncomfortable at times.

At Alexandra Dental Care, we are pleased to offer an almost invisible alternative to older-style braces in the form of Invisalign which use clear aligners, and also to help you to save a lot of money at the same time!

Our special offer

From the 20th to the 25th February 2020, patients can take advantage of our special Invisalign offer. Terms and conditions do apply and you must be a suitable candidate for this particular treatment. This will be determined during an initial consultation with our team.

If you prove to be a suitable candidate, not only can you have your teeth straightened in a discreet and convenient manner, but you can also benefit from our offer in the following ways.

  • You can save up to £1500
  • Get £500 off Full Invisalign
  • Get free Essix Retainers following the treatment
  • For good measure, a free teeth whitening procedure is included

We believe that this will be a popular promotion and advise our patients to act as soon as possible to take advantage!

Why Invisalign?

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The Difference Between Dentures And Dental Implants

2020 January 30
by admin

Information for patients considering their tooth replacement options.

Most of us are familiar with dentures. Even if we don’t wear them ourselves, it is quite likely that our parents or grandparents did at some point in their lives. Dental implants, on the other hand, are probably less well known and some patients might think that as they produce similar end results as far as appearance goes, there is little to choose between them.

Although they may look the same when being worn, the user experience is sometimes very different. Whilst dental implants are stable and secure, some denture wearers find that there is some movement in their dentures. Not only can this cause problems with eating and speaking, but can cause friction between the denture and the gums, causing some soreness and discomfort, particularly as time progresses and their fit changes.


There are two areas of difference that we will discuss briefly in today’s blog. The first is the surgical requirements of the two tooth replacement methods that our Ashby and Burton patients would undergo.

For those who have dentures, there is no surgical procedure required in most cases (although occasionally you may need to have teeth extracted). We simply take impressions of your teeth and these are used to produce realistic looking dentures.

Dental implants do require minor surgery and as they have to be placed into the jawbone, it is necessary to use a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort. The procedure may also be a little longer than those that you are used to at the dentist. For those that find the lengthier treatment a challenge, and for nervous patients in general, we offer IV sedation at Alexandra Dental Care to make the procedure more comfortable for our patients, should they opt for it.

The key difference

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The Importance Of A Tooth Friendly Diet When Exercising

2020 January 14
by admin

‘Get fit’ new year resolutions can come at a cost if you don’t watch what you eat and drink.

Some of our Burton and Ashby patients will no doubt, have made a New Year’s resolution to get fitter than they currently are, possibly aiming to lose weight as well. There is much to be admired about aiming to do this, with obesity now a serious health issue in this country and across the Western world in general. There are many ways to do it but getting more exercise is an obvious one and the main reason why gym memberships will almost certainly receive a boost in the early weeks of the year.

Whether you sweat it out at a gym, get on your bike or simply aim to walk more and take the car less, you should still be aware of what you are eating and drinking when you do this.

Not just weight problems

Whilst exercising may well make you feel hungry due to the energy exerted, it is important to make sure that you eat the right things to ‘re-fuel’. Both from a weight perspective and a dental one, it is important to avoid eating the wrong foods, usually those high in sugar, when we need an energy boost. At Alexandra Dental Care, we have seen cases where people have resorted to drinking energy drinks for long periods of time and have suffered severe enamel damage to their teeth. Energy drinks are heavily promoted, and footballers, for example, can often be seen taking these during a game.

Most of these drinks rely on some form of sugar to provide the energy boost. In fact, some brands contain the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar, more than twice the recommended daily intake for an adult. Bear in mind that this is unlikely to be the only sugar consumed that day and it isn’t hard to see how we could be eating four or five times as much sugar as we should.

With energy drinks, we also tend to sip them over a period of time. This continual ‘drip drip’ of sugar into our mouths will not only start to soften the enamel, but continue to attack it whilst it is less well protected. If we do this on a regular basis, it won’t be long before our teeth start to feel sensitive and become more prone to tooth decay as well.

Our daily lives

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