Jaw Problems

Jaw Problems and Headaches Treatment from a Burton & Ashby Dentist

Many people suffer from headaches and neck pains that are related to teeth and the muscles of the jaw joint (Temporo-mandibular joint, or TMJ for short).


If your teeth don't fit together correctly, the muscles that move your jaw can be under extra strain. Many of the muscles of the head and neck are linked to the jaw and so common symptoms are tension headaches, especially first thing in the morning, migraine type headaches, pain in the neck and shoulders.


Other signs are clicking, grinding or pain in the jaw joints, ringing or buzzing in your ears and difficulty opening and closing your mouth.


Many people grind or clench their teeth. Often this is a subconscious habit and most people are unaware of it particularly if it occurs in their sleep. Eventually it can overload the teeth causing fractured teeth and fillings, toothaches or even loosen teeth.


These problems caused by the incorrect bite position of the teeth are called 'occlusal problems'. Treatments vary depending upon the diagnosis and Dr. Yogi Savania has a special interest in this field of dentistry. If you think you suffer from any of these problems then please contact the practice for an appointment.

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