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The Difference Between Dentures And Dental Implants

2020 January 30
by admin

Information for patients considering their tooth replacement options.

Most of us are familiar with dentures. Even if we don’t wear them ourselves, it is quite likely that our parents or grandparents did at some point in their lives. Dental implants, on the other hand, are probably less well known and some patients might think that as they produce similar end results as far as appearance goes, there is little to choose between them.

Although they may look the same when being worn, the user experience is sometimes very different. Whilst dental implants are stable and secure, some denture wearers find that there is some movement in their dentures. Not only can this cause problems with eating and speaking, but can cause friction between the denture and the gums, causing some soreness and discomfort, particularly as time progresses and their fit changes.


There are two areas of difference that we will discuss briefly in today’s blog. The first is the surgical requirements of the two tooth replacement methods that our Ashby and Burton patients would undergo.

For those who have dentures, there is no surgical procedure required in most cases (although occasionally you may need to have teeth extracted). We simply take impressions of your teeth and these are used to produce realistic looking dentures.

Dental implants do require minor surgery and as they have to be placed into the jawbone, it is necessary to use a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort. The procedure may also be a little longer than those that you are used to at the dentist. For those that find the lengthier treatment a challenge, and for nervous patients in general, we offer IV sedation at Alexandra Dental Care to make the procedure more comfortable for our patients, should they opt for it.

The key difference

The main difference between dentures and dental implants is the very reason that a surgical procedure is needed for the latter to be placed. Whilst dentures offer to replace only the crown part of the tooth, implants also provide a new artificial root. This is a precision engineered, screw-like titanium device which is inserted into the jawbone, actually very similar to a natural tooth root in terms of its location.

Although it might seem that dentures will suffice and avoids the need for a surgical procedure, there are some very significant benefits to having a tooth implants, some more obvious than others. Let’s take a look at at a couple of the main ones.


The first advantage provided by having the tooth root replaced is the stability that it provides. No denture adhesive can match the stability of having a replacement root to hold the crown securely in place. Providing that you look after your dental implant and clean it as directed, you should be able to use your replacement tooth to eat anything that you want without worrying it might become loose.

Bone loss

The second benefit of replacing the missing tooth root is that it helps to prevent loss of bone in that part of the jawbone. This might not seem like a big issue on its own, but even losing that little piece of bone (which is reabsorbed by the body for use elsewhere) can cause changes to the shape of your face. If several teeth are lost this can be quite noticeable and make you look older than you are. Even the loss of one tooth root has consequences though. It can cause teeth either side of the gap to start to drift into the space, potentially causing your teeth to become crooked. Even if you replace missing teeth with dentures, the facial changes caused by bone loss may in time cause them to fit less well and possibly move around a little in the mouth.

If you are interested in finding out more about our teeth implant procedure and its benefits for you, and you live in the Ashby or Burton area, why not arrange to have a consultation with us by calling Alexandra Dental Care on 01283 216347. We look forward to discussing the options with you.

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