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Temporary Lock-Down Filling? It’s Time To Get It Fixed!

2020 June 17
by admin

If you had to resort to DIY dental care during lockdown, please have this checked by your dentist

Over the coming months, the team at Alexandra Dental Care will probably come across a number of cases where a patient has had little option but to resort to some form of self care during the lock-down period when dentists were closed. In most cases, this will probably have been taking painkillers to manage a problematic tooth, but, where a filling has fallen out, some of you may have been advised to use a DIY filling material that is available from high street chemists as a ‘stop gap’.

These filling materials are similar to those used in dental practices though don’t offer the same level of strength or longevity. As the ‘temporary’ part of the name suggests, these should not be considered to be a permanent solution and you should have this checked out by your local dentist.

Difficulties of placing a filling yourself

There are many good reasons why the general public does not usually perform its own dental surgery. The most obvious of these, of course, is that dentistry requires a high level of skill and an awful lot can go wrong which could lead to serious issues. Even a highly skilled dentist doesn’t do their own dentistry and relies on another dentist to do this. In addition to skills required, the lack of visibility and dexterity that accessing our mouth requires, makes self treating almost impossible.

If you have had to place a temporary filling yourself during lockdown, you will probably have found it an uncomfortable experience, but may be pleased with how well you managed to do it. The problem is that whilst the filling that you placed may look ok, leaving it as it is may well lead to problems.

Incorrect fittings and residual decay

Although you may have felt relief once the filling had been put in, and were able to eat reasonably normally again, it is almost certain that the material will not have closed off all of the gaps in the cavity. Even though you may have done sufficiently well to prevent discomfort, the tiny gaps that are left between the filling and the natural tooth will harbour bacteria and possibly tiny food particles as well.

If you decide to keep this filing as a permanent solution, there is every chance that you will be making an appointment to see the dentist in the not too far off future as tooth decay starts to set into these areas! It is also the case that you will possibly have placed the temporary filling material on top of decay and this will only make matters worse in the long term.

Please remember, a temporary filling should be just that. Make sure you see your dentist as soon as possible!

Replacing the filling

Your dentist will make sure that a new filling is placed in such a way that any decay is removed and small gaps are closed. To remove the temporary filling, a local anaesthetic will be given before the material and any decay is removed. A new and more permanent filling will then be placed and shaped to give you a comfortable bite.

We are also pleased to offer white teeth fillings that are much more discreet and natural looking than traditional and dark coloured amalgam. They also bond well with the natural tooth and don’t shrink as amalgam can over time.

If you have had a problem during lockdown, even if you feel you may have ‘solved’ it yourself, please do have it checked by one of our dentists. You can call Alexandra Dental Care to make an appointment on 01283 216347 and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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