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Get Ready For Spring With Fast Acting Orthodontics!

2018 November 12
by admin

Winter is only just here, but now is the time to plan your straighter smile for 2019.

After the long hot summer, some of us may be a little relieved at the cooler weather ahead of us for the next few months. The novelty of this often wears off quite quickly though, and many of us will already be looking forward to the arrival of spring next year. Spring is a time when we often renew aspects of our lives, and particularly the way that we look, with new clothes and a generally brighter appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry can play a part in this too, and some treatments, such as teeth whitening, are especially popular around this time of year. This treatment, can be completed at any time with almost instant results. Other cosmetic dental issues though may take a little longer to resolve and hence need some degree of forward planning.

Crooked front teeth

If you have front teeth that are crooked, you will know how this can distract from an otherwise attractive smile. The nature of this problem though means that it can’t simply be resolved with a one off visit to our dental practice near Ashby. To straighten teeth too quickly could cause damage to them and also the bone holding them in place. Many orthodontic treatments can take a year or more to correct the positioning of the teeth, particularly for complex cases; some types though, are aimed specifically at minor improvements and consequently work more quickly.

One of the best known braces systems that is designed to correct the positioning of the ‘social six’ teeth is the Six Month Smiles orthodontic method. This uses the traditional method of wires and brackets to reposition your teeth, albeit the materials used are more refined than those used in standard dental braces and are also tooth coloured, making them more discreet.

If your teeth only need minor correction, you may be able to achieve the desired outcome in much less than six months. The best way to discover how long it may take in your own particular case, is to have your teeth checked at Alexandra Dental Care so that we can advise you of the anticipated length of the treatment period. We will also offer advice on how to keep your teeth clean whilst wearing your braces, as there is little point in having nice, even teeth if you suffer decay or gum disease.

Although the Six Month Smiles system is one of our most widely used teeth straightening systems, your initial examination may lead to us suggesting an alternative, such as the Inman Aligner or Invisalign. If your teeth need more significant straightening, treatments such as Invisalign offer a great solution. Although this system offers greater comfort and discretion than conventional braces, it typically will require more time to reach the final results.

If you are unhappy with having crooked teeth, now is a good time to see how Alexandra Dental Care can help you. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will be able to advise you of the best course of action to take. To make an initial appointment at our Ashby practice, please call us on 01283 216347.

For more information about the Six Month Smiles orthodontic system, please visit their website at

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