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Preventing Gum Recession

2019 February 20
by admin

Helping you to avoid that ‘long in the tooth’ look

If you have ever wondered why some older people are referred to as being ‘long in the tooth’, there is a good reason for it. Receding gums are more common in older people and it is almost certain that in the past, the level of preventative dental care now available, simply wasn’t there. In effect then, it isn’t that your teeth are growing longer, but more of them are showing as the gums recede.

At Alexandra Dental Care, we believe in helping all of our Ashby patients to prevent dental problems, rather than just treating them (although we do that too of course!). So, if you want to do all that you can to prevent your gums from receding, please read on.

Gum disease

One of the most common reasons for receding gums is gum disease. It is one of the symptoms often associated with this oral health problem. With good care though, it should be straightforward to avoid. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth and gums daily, and also have a professional clean every six months with our dental hygienist.


Unfortunately, one the things that can cause receding gums is your family genes. In this instance, there is probably little that you can do. However, you should still look after your oral health to keep any recession to the bare minimum.

Excess brushing

Yes, we do encourage you to brush your teeth well, but this does not mean ‘scrubbing’ them. In fact, that can do more harm than good and may lead to not only enamel erosion, but receding gums too. If you are unsure about how best to brush your teeth, booking a session with the hygienist is an excellent way of getting your cleaning methods on the right track.


Smoking is a well known factor in gum disease and hence is one of the worst things for contributing to gum recession. Not only will smoking increase the risk of your gums receding, but some research has shown that if your gums become damaged, they will not heal as well if you smoke. As smoking has also been linked with potential diseases such as mouth cancer, our advice is simple; give it up.

Preventing receding gums

There are a number of ways to help prevent your gums from receding. The first thing that you should do is to stop smoking. Your general and oral health will thank you if you do. Another easy practical thing that you can do is to make sure that you don’t brush too hard and use a soft bristled toothbrush. If you use an electric toothbrush, many of these have sensors which will cut out if you are applying too much pressure when brushing.

Other than the above, general good sense should prevail. Make sure that you eat a tooth friendly diet, brush and floss your teeth effectively, and make sure to keep regular appointments with both the dentist and hygienist at Alexandra Dental Care.

If you live in the Ashby or Swadlincote area and are concerned about potential gum recession, or would just like to have your oral health checked, please call us for an appointment on 01283 216347.

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