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A Valentine’s Day Smile Boost

2019 February 11
by admin

Looking (and smelling) your best for this romantic occasion!

Whilst those who are happily single may be relieved that they won’t have to put any effort into Valentine’s day, many of those in relationships will be looking to book restaurants etc to celebrate the day with their partner. Although the real St Valentine was allegedly beheaded, with a little effort we are sure that for most, it will be a happy occasion!

Romance, of course, involves intimacy and closeness, and any issues such as bad breath are going to be a real turn off on the night. It is not too late though, for our Ashby and Swadlincote patients to make sure that their oral health is in tip top shape before the big day.

Get rid of smelly breath

Probably the biggest romantic turn off is poor hygiene and bad breath. Poor general hygiene we can’t really help you with, but bad breath can be addressed using the services of our dental team.

The first thing that we should say is not to rely on the use of breath fresheners. Whilst these may offer some benefit in an emergency situation, they really aren’t the solution to the problem. At best, they will mask the smell whilst completely ignoring the underlying problem. If your breath is normally OK, then, providing that you don’t eat or drink anything that is well known to cause bad breath, such as garlic, you should be all good to go for the big day. If you find that bad breath is persistent though, we recommend that you arrange to see the hygienist at Alexandra Dental Care as soon as possible.

If you have persistent bad breath, it is very possibe that is is caused by gum disease. This is a problematic disease that can lead to tooth loss if not treated. We won’t go into that aspect of it today though, but look, instead, at its relationship with halitosis.

Expelling gases

If you have gum disease, whether gingivitis or periodontitis, it means that the bacteria in your mouth are out of control. This can be caused by poor oral cleaning, but is also a risk associated with certain other diseases such as diabetes. As these bacteria grow, they consume residual sugars and starches from food debris, and start to degrade the flesh of the gums. As they do so, they expel gases and it is this that is the predominant smell associated with halitosis, or bad breath.

The solution is relatively straightforward though, providing that gum disease is not too advanced and where a more invasive procedure would be necessary. For most of our patients, a schedule of thorough cleans by the hygienist, known as a ‘scale and polish’, will remove the bacteria from your mouth and you (or more to the point, others) will notice a great improvement in the smell of your breath.

Whiter teeth

It isn’t just the smell of your breath that can put people off. A set of dull or discoloured teeth isn’t the prettiest sight in the world, and we are sure that your partner would prefer to see a nice set of white teeth. Whilst staining products can contribute to discoloured teeth, it can also be due to a darkening of the inner part of the tooth caused by the ageing process, something we can do little about.

Whilst a scale and polish (see above) can help to remove some of the surface staining, it will do nothing for any internal staining present. To achieve this, you will need to have a teeth whitening procedure which is non invasive and can whiten your teeth by several shades in just one hour. You, and your partner, will notice a significant improvement in your smile following this treatment.

Why put your Valentine’s day date at risk with unsightly discoloured teeth and bad breath? Let us help you to have a great evening with these two straightforward and fast acting treatments. Call Alexandra Dental Care today on 01283 216347 and our welcoming front-desk team will be pleased to arrange your appointment.

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