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Your Festival Oral Health Guide

2019 March 26
by admin

Thinking ahead can help to keep your teeth and gums healthy when at a music festival.

Whilst the events are still a few months away, some of the festivals, including Glastonbury, the biggest one, have started to announce headline acts. In all probability, that particular one will have already sold out, but there are many more around the country which are increasingly popular.

If you have got your ticket, or are thinking of buying one for one of the other events, it is worth thinking about how you will look after your teeth whilst you are away from your Burton and Ashby homes for a few days.

Not a hotel

Few people that attend these festivals stay in nearby hotels, where it would be easy to maintain your usual oral health regimen. To get the most ‘authentic’ experience, most people will sleep in tents and use communal toilets etc. This can be great fun, but the whole festival experience can make keeping your teeth clean much more difficult. Even though these festivals usually only last for a few days, it doesn’t take long before neglecting your oral health will start to tell. This is especially the case with your gums, and failing to keep them clean even for a few days, may well be a precursor to gingivitis.

As you will probably be living in a tent, with no running water for a few days, what can you do to minimise any potential problems for your teeth and gums?


Water is probably one of the most important things to make sure that you have a ready supply of, not only because it may be hot, but it will also play an essential role in you having a healthy mouth. Make sure to stock up on bottled water for when you go.

Brushing your teeth – You will need water to brush your teeth well. Remember to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste and you may even wish to buy a disposable toothbrush for the short trip ahead. You should try to brush your teeth as you would do if you were at home.

Flossing – Dental floss takes up very little room amongst the things that you pack to take with you, and is a great way to help keep your gums healthy. Try to remember to do this last thing at night, no matter how tired you might be. Flossing is a great way of removing both food particles and bacteria from between the teeth and around the gum line.

Food – There is a wide selection of food now available at festivals. Indeed, it is sometimes the main reason that people go! Have a good time and ‘let your hair down’ by all means, but try to eat as healthily as you can, avoiding the high sugar foods as much as possible. This is often easier at festivals where many natural food stalls are present.

Alcohol – Over-consumption of alcohol can be a real problem at festivals, not only because of the fact that it can lead to accidents or even confrontations, but it is also a significant potential contributor to gum disease. Alcoholic drinks may quench your thirst but they will not hydrate you properly. You are likely to wake up with not only a hangover, but also a very dry mouth. Combine this with the difficulties of keeping your mouth healthy at these events and the addition of alcohol makes a deterioration in your oral health a real possibility.

Drugs – Hopefully, our Burton and Ashby patients will steer well clear of these. Not only can various drugs do untold damage to your teeth, but, especially if bought at the festival, there is no way of knowing what is actually in them. Drugs may seem like fun, to some, but they can seriously damage or even end, your life.

Back home again

No doubt, after a few fun filled days, and probably insufficient sleep, you will feel very tired when you arrive back home. Do try though, to get back into a good teeth and gum cleaning regimen as soon as you possibly can. Some issues, such as gingivitis, are progressive and will get worse if you don’t look after your oral health.

Make sure that you have a dentist and a hygienist appointment booked on a regular six monthly basis, and you may also wish to have an additional clean once you come back from a festival or travelling etc. Hygienist cleans are not expensive and are a great way to really help keep both teeth and gums in excellent condition.

To arrange an appointment to see either a dentist or hygienist at Alexandra Dental Care, please call us during opening hours on 01283 216347.

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