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My Invisalign Journey

2017 October 19
by Alex Team

During my school days and early working life I suffered from bullying, name calling and nasty remarks from my peers about the gap in my front teeth. When you are being called such things as “rabbit teeth” you start to feel self-conscious and lack self-esteem.

I always felt embarrassed in groups and when I smiled for photos. I always shied away from photos and in groups I would hide at the back.

I would not smile.

Even if I accidently caught myself in a car rear view mirror, whilst sat in the back seat, I would be disgusted at my teeth. But it was not something I could talk about, I kept all the pain and upset to myself.

After these years of wanting to change things, my dentist, Yogi Savania, to my surprise, suggested that I could be treated. My family, particularly my mother tried to tell me not to have the treatment as my teeth were fine, but I really wanted to improve the situation because only I knew how much it affected me day to day. But Yogi and his team listened to me and helped me decide on the treatment. The decision to have cosmetic dentistry was a difficult one but one of the best I have ever made. Yogi has helped me to achieve the look I always wanted.

Throughout the treatment he and the staff have been so kind and helpful. They were good at explaining each procedure and I felt confident each step of the way. His thoroughness, attention to detail and calming ways were fantastic and the way I was cared for by his kind nurse really was great. The receptionists were always very helpful in sorting my appointments and payments.

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Healthy Teeth At Halloween!

2017 October 19
by admin

If you are taking your children ‘trick or treating’ in the Burton and Ashby area, please read on.

Although more widely popular in the US, there is little doubt that Halloween is increasingly popular with children in the UK too. Many parents will be taking their children ‘trick or treating’ in their local areas and subsequently having to deal with the large bags of ‘sugary goodness’ that their children return home with.

In today’s Alexandra Dental Care blog, our children’s dentists discuss ways that you can help your children avoid the worst consequences of Halloween.

Accept but stay in control

Unless you are very fortunate, you are unlikely to convince your child to avoid eating the sweets altogether. This does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise a level of control over which sweets they eat and when they eat them.

Although all sweets will contain high levels of sugar, those that are quickly chewed, then swallowed, are generally less damaging to the teeth than those which are chewed for a long time or sucked. The longer a sweet is in the mouth, the longer the sugar comes into contact with the teeth. We recommend that you try to keep the latter type of sweet to a minimum.

Try to agree times when the children are allowed sweets and stick to these times. It is important that lengthy periods of time are allowed between eating sweets so that the saliva can wash away much of the sugar from the mouth. Kids usually like chewing gum, and this can be an excellent alternative in periods between eating sweets. Not only will using a sugar free gum (don’t use regular gum) help to remove debris and bacteria, but also increases saliva flow which helps to wash the sugars away.


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Dental Implants – Step By Step

2017 October 12
by admin

A guide to the dental implant procedure in stages.

Patients who attend Alexandra Dental Care from Burton and Ashby may have seen various pieces of information around the practice about dental implants. Many of us will lose a tooth, or a few teeth, during our lifetime and it makes good sense to consider implants as an option for replacement.

We have discussed the many benefits of dental implants in previous blogs and in today’s we take a look at the process of implant placement at the various stages.


We offer free non clinical consultations for anyone interested in having dental implants placed. There is no obligation to go ahead with the procedure but this provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the procedure in detail and answer any questions that patients may have. We will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine if you are a suitable candidate for implant placement.

Bone grafts and sinus lifts

Whilst the majority of patients will not need these procedures; where the bone into which an implant would be placed is degraded, a prior bone graft or sinus lift may be necessary to provide a strong enough foundation into which to place the implant.


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Why Choose Alexandra Dental Care?

2017 September 27
by admin

What we offer patients from Swadlincote and surrounding areas.

At Alexandra Dental Care, we pride ourselves on running a successful dental practice which people are happy to be patients of. From the skills of our dental team to the way that our waiting room is decorated, we are constantly monitoring how we can improve our service to you.

Recently we asked ourselves,what it is about our practice that encourages patients to come to us, and, in most cases, stay with us for a very long time. These were some of our answers.

Our team

We believe that every member of our staff is important to the overall feel of the practice. We know that a lot of people worry about their visits to the dentist, in varying degrees, so it is important that they receive a warm and friendly welcome when they walk through our doors. Our waiting room is designed to provide a relaxing environment to prepare you for your appointment, and, of course, we will always try to keep your waiting times to a minimum.

Our dental team are all highly skilled, many with years of experience of dealing with both straightforward and complex dental treatments. Whether you need a simple small filling or a complex dental implant placement, our team have the necessary skills to help.


Our Burton and Ashby patients benefit from all the usual dental procedures that you would expect of any dentists. But in addition to this, we offer advanced cosmetic dentistry for those looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. This could include a straightforward teeth whitening procedure, or the use of advanced discrete orthodontics to straighten the teeth, or both!

Nervous patients

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How Do You Choose The ‘Best’ Toothpaste?

2017 September 21
by admin

Helping our patients make an informed choice when shopping.

We are sometimes asked, by our Burton and Ashby patients, which toothpaste they should buy. The choice of toothpastes is now much wider than at probably any other time in the past. TV adverts regularly make claims for toothpastes aimed at a number of dental problems. Choosing the right one, can therefore, sometimes prove to be a headache.

Although, here at Alexandra Dental Care,  we don’t wish to recommend one particular brand over another, our general guide to toothpastes below, might be useful to patients unsure of which toothpaste to buy.

Quality toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is very important, and you should always make sure that you change your toothbrush, or brush head, every three months in order that it remains effective. If you continue to use a worn toothbrush, it probably won’t matter greatly which toothpaste you use, as the soft and damaged bristles will not clean your teeth efficiently.

Prices of toothpastes can vary widely, and it is very difficult to ascertain whether a newer, cheaper brand is as efficient as a well known brand. Whilst everyone will have their own favourites, there are a few things to keep an eye open for when looking for a good quality toothpaste.

Fluoride – A good toothpaste must include fluoride. This helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth, helping to protect your teeth from decay. Whilst most toothpastes will contain this, you should especially check ‘natural’ toothpastes as these may not always do so.

Small print – If you are attracted to a particular toothpaste because of  a TV advert, try to make sure to read the small print at the bottom of the screen. This often contains a legal requirement about the claims, and is likely to give a truer picture of the results that you might expect!

‘Targeted’ toothpastes

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5 Ways To Help Keep Your Dental Implants Strong And Healthy

2017 September 12
by admin

Some useful guidance for new Burton dental implant patients.

Having dental implants placed  has changed many people’s lives. Although they offer a strength and security that even the best dentures can’t match, they do require an invasive procedure and a period of time to heal and bond with the jaw bone successfully.

So having taken the decision to have dental implants placed, it makes sense to take the best possible care of them. Below, your experienced Burton dentist offers implant patients some useful care advice.

Follow our advice

Every patient is different and whilst the advice below is good generally, there may be specific advice to be given to individual patients. It is important that you follow this guidance to help ensure your implant placement is a success.

General health

It helps to be moderately healthy before an implant procedure. This doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym or run marathons though. Simply increasing your walking and general activity will help to boost your immune system and blood flow which assists healing and helps to prevent infections from occurring.

Alcohol and smoking

Smoking should be avoided altogether for a period of time before and after the procedure. Alcohol consumption should be moderated too. Both of these can contribute to an increased likelihood of gum disease. This is one of the biggest threats to your dental implants, whether new or long standing.

Eat gently

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Gum Disease Diagnosis & Prevention

2017 September 6
by admin

And the potential consequences if neglected.

At Alexandra Dental Care, we believe that a patient’s gum health is just as important as the condition of their teeth. Although problems with a tooth, such as dental decay or root canal infection, are perhaps better known, especially when causing pain; failure to look after the gums can also have some very negative consequences.

During your regular dental checks, we will always examine your gum health, continually assessing for any problems.

Gum health symptoms and problems

One of the problems with gum disease is that symptoms are not always that obvious to patients. Gum disease can be almost ‘silent’, although detectable with a thorough dental inspection. Where symptoms are present, our local Burton and Ashby patients may notice some of these possible symptoms.

  • Sore or red and painful gums
  • Blood when you spit after brushing your teeth
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath (halitosis)

As noted though, these symptoms may not always be present and this is another good reason to make sure that your professional dental care is both regular and ongoing. Failure to look after your gum health may result in the loss of teeth, or teeth that become crooked due to the lack of the stability which would normally be offered by a healthy supporting bone structure.

Gum disease treatments

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Is A Dental Implant Procedure Really Painful?

2017 August 22
by admin

Information for nervous dental patients from Burton.

Experiencing dental anxiety is fairly common and on a daily basis we see a few patients at Alexandra Dental Care who are exhibiting signs of anxiety. Some patients let us know, whilst for others, it is difficult to miss!  As you’d expect, we always take care to make the dental experience as comfortable as possible for all of our patients.

Most nervous patients do manage to maintain regular appointments, and allow us to perform necessary restorative procedures, such as fillings, where necessary. Anxiety though, can play a part in a patient’s decision about certain procedures, particularly more complex ones.

Dental implant placement

A classic case in point, is when a missing tooth is to be replaced. In some of our earlier blogs, we have noted that we believe that dental implants offer the strongest and longest lasting solution in this situation. This does involve a sophisticated and slightly invasive procedure however.

For some people, the idea of having holes drilled into the jawbone, into which the implants are then placed, is frightening and this is understandable. Like many fears though, the thought of it is often more frightening than the actual procedure itself. Our Burton patients can be assured that we have performed this procedure many times before and have modern scanning equipment and sophisticated, precision tools to ensure that the implants are placed accurately and as comfortably as possible.

Will it hurt?

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Dental Crowns In A Single Visit In Burton On Trent

2017 August 16
by admin

Cerec technology working for you at Alexandra Dental Care.

Anyone who has had a dental crown fitted to strengthen a damaged tooth will know of the inconvenience that results from the need for two separate appointments. At most dental practices, an appointment will be necessary where the tooth is prepared and shaped, ready for a dental crown to be fitted. In most cases, this will mean a delay of a week or so for the patient.

Few dental practices have the facilities to prepare the crowns on site (more of that later). This means that, instead, impressions have to be taken of the patient’s prepared teeth and these are then sent away to a dental laboratory, where the crowns are produced. Usually a temporary crown will be fitted to protect the tooth, but, as these are not a perfect fit, they are not ideal.


It doesn’t have to be this way though, and, at Alexandra Dental Care, we are able to offer our Burton and Ashby patients a ‘one stop shop’ for their dental crowns.

Instead of taking an impression of the prepared tooth to be sent to a laboratory, we are able to avoid this sometimes unpleasant aspect of a crown preparation, by using a 3D camera to scan an image of the prepared tooth. This is completely non-invasive and takes just a few seconds.

The information from this image is then sent to a computerised milling system located within our practice, and your dental crown is then prepared whilst you wait, from a single block of porcelain. This whole process is completed in approximately one hour, during which time, you are free to wait in our comfortable waiting rooms, or even take a walk if you wish. We would recommend that you don’t eat or drink during this time though as your prepared tooth may be sensitive.

Using this process, there is no temporary crown to be removed, and your new crown can be fitted in the normal manner, same day, using a strong dental adhesive.

More benefits

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Convenient And Comfortable Teeth Straightening in Burton

2017 July 26
by admin

Invisalign – stress free, discreet braces for adults and teens.

It is probably true that most people associate teeth straightening with traditional metal braces. These do work well, but bring with them a number of disadvantages, the most obvious of these being the fact that they are very visible. In addition to this, some patients find them to be uncomfortable to wear, which can be a particular problem as some braces may need to be worn for a year or more to fully achieve their aims.

Many modern cosmetic dental braces, based on a traditional design, have addressed some of these problems by using finer, tooth coloured materials for their construction. However, these types do still tend to use the wires and brackets of old style metal braces.


At Alexandra Dental Care, we are pleased to advise our Ashby and Burton patients that we can now straighten their teeth using a modern system known as Invisalign. This system avoids the use of wires and brackets altogether. In addition to the discreet benefits of these braces, most patients find them to be very comfortable and convenient to wear, even for long periods of time.

Nearly Invisible

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